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Piano Sales in London
Good Second Hand Pianos in London for Sale

We occasionally come across good secondhand pianos for sale across all categories and types - from a good, starter piano for a student, to a professional concert grand example.

Our passion for pianos is obvious. Each piano sold by us is throughly checked out and appraised as being a piano worthy of us selling. The structure, regulation, pedals and mechanics are all tested and adjustments made if required.

Finally - and perhaps most importantly, we assess playability.

Moving a Piano: North London Piano Removals and Transport
North London Piano Tuner

Piano transport and removals is a specialist operation, and it really is best to call in someone expert to undertake the work. We have specialist equipment, and experience from crane lift jobs for grand pianos, to moving the family piano up a few flights of stairs or from room to room - and then some. Quite simply, our staff are fully trained in moving pianos, and can take what might seem a daunting prospect and make it easy.

Although ordinary removers may offer piano removing services, noting the delicate nature of the piano, removals should be carried out by specialists.