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As we go about tuning pianos in North London, one question we are always asked is "I have children aged around 6 or 7 years old, I'm considering getting them music lessons. What is the best instrument for them to learn?"

This can be a perplexing question, there are so many instruments and differing opinions on the subject. I know we are biased here at Islington Pianos, but I believe with good reason. The piano is considered by many to be the master instrument and the ideal teaching tool.

The piano spans 7 octaves and has notes in both the treble and bass clef. All the notes found in music are there, from the deepest bass to the tiniest piccolo. The sharps and flats are all laid out, literally in black and white, clearly showing the student how the scale works, in a logical and easy to understand format, unlike other instruments, where the fingering jumps around, not in a logical order.

The piano is also what is known as polyphonic, meaning you can play multiple notes simultaneously, thus giving the student the ability to learn about chords, arpeggios and intervals between notes.

Monophonic instruments, like a trumpet, can not teach these things to the child. The piano also has a great advantage, in that you can sing along and play, this makes it one of the most sociable of all the instruments. You don't see many people whipping out their tuba at a party !

Tests have shown that an affinity for a particular instrument is a major factor in whether the child will take it up and practise properly. Obviously the child must be consulted before making such a choice, but be aware that children will gravitate towards the easiest option.

Many children start on the violin, for example, because they just like the look of it. However many instruments are hard to even get a note out of and this can be a barrier to learning. The piano is so simple to get a note out of that children often find it easier to get a flying start than with other instruments.

Price can also be an obstacle and there is no doubt that even a cheap piano will cost more than some other starter instruments, but you don't have to pay a fortune, you can pick up a starter piano for a few hundred pounds.

Don't be fooled in to getting a keyboard or digital piano either, they are not the same and the only people who like them are the salesmen in the store that sells them, they are universally loathed by pianists and piano teachers alike.

It is also worth remembering that if the student progresses to a music academy on any instrument, the teacher will insist that the piano is learned along side the main instrument, so why not just get one to start with?

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Author Bio: Steven J Droy

Steve Droy has been working in the piano business for 25 years. In that time he has amassed a wealth of technical knowledge in, tuning, restoration repairs and removals.

A former lecturer on the piano technology degree course at London Metropolitan University and a Diploma graduate from Newark College, Steve also holds a Certificate in Classical Musical Instrument Technology.

Steve Droy has worked on pianos for international recording artists, such as Dido, Tim Minchin, Shirley Bassey, Coldplay, Michel Nyman and Radiohead to name but a few. Steve also has many domestic customers and countless performing arts centres, recording studios. churches and schools. He can offer a complete range of technical services on all instruments, from concert halls to the family upright.

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