Ever Thought of Becoming a Piano Tuner?

Birmingham Piano Tuner

The Piano Technology School, One-Year intensive Course in Piano Technology. based at The music & performing Arts centre Northampton UK

Applications now welcome for our full time 40 week intensive training programme in Piano Technology September 2016 in Northampton UK.

  • Piano Tuning
  • Grand and Upright Repairs and Regulation
  • Full Piano Rebuilding
  • History of the Piano
  • Acoustic Theory
  • Psychoacoustics
  • Piano Construction and Design
  • Professional Development
  • Experienced and Qualified Teaching Staff

For further information, please contact:

Steven J Droy

Piano Technology School

07984 300009


Author Bio: Tim J Kirby

Tim is the webmaster of BirminghamPianos.net. When he is not coding he's usually either writing songs, with the kids, or playing with his band Naseby Crossing - www.nasebycrossing.com.