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Applications now welcome for our full time 40 week intensive training programme in Piano Technology September 2016 in Northampton UK.

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Islington Pianos owner and head technician Steve Droy is travelling to Mumbai to work at the Con Brio piano festival later this month, July 2011.

His concert tuning skills are already in great demand in this country but now the word has spread further afield.

The festival is sponsored by Furtados Music, the largest retailer of musical instruments in India.

Furtados are the proud owners of a prestigious Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano.

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As we go about tuning pianos in North London, one question we are always asked is "I have children aged around 6 or 7 years old, I'm considering getting them music lessons. What is the best instrument for them to learn?"

This can be a perplexing question, there are so many instruments and differing opinions on the subject. I know we are biased here at Islington Pianos, but I believe with good reason. The piano is considered by many to be the master instrument and the ideal teaching tool.

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Steve Droy writes about buying a second hand piano. "As someone who has worked in the piano trade for more than 25 years, as a piano tuner, piano restorer and owner of a piano shop in North London, specialising in second hand pianos, I feel that I am qualified to offer some useful insights in to the subject of old pianos."